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The Saline Area Fire Department is a regional type of fire department covering the City of Saline, Saline Township, Lodi Township, and a portion of York Township. The Department governing structure is made up of a local governmental agreement and a fire board with representatives from all four municipalities and an independent at large member serving on the fire board.

The Saline Area Fire Department is a combination department consisting of a Fire Chief, Office Manager, 3 Captains, 9 Full-Time firefighters, and 8 Paid on call firefighters.

The Staff is split into 3 shifts that work a 24 hour rotation consisting of 1 captain and 3 Full-Time firefighters. with a max daily staffing level of 4 and a min of 3 a day. The paid on call firefighters are called in when extra help is needed.

The current ISO ratings are:

Address inside the city limits = 4

Address inside 5 miles from the Saline Area Fire Department = 4Y

Address beyond 5 miles from the Saline Area Fire Department = 9

Signs can be ordered by contacting the fire department by calling 429-4440 and speaking to on duty staff who will take your order. The price may vary depending on the overhead cost of the product but is typically around $20.00

Checks can me made out to SPFFU L-5119

The fire department does not handle building, mechanical, (Including sprinkler), or site plans. All plans should go through the municipality having jurisdiction. If needed those municipalities will forward to an outside agency or the fire department for further review.

The International Fire Code is the code for all municipalities used within the Saline Area Fire Department jurisdiction. (The adopted version is different based on the municipality)

The Hydrant fittings used by the SAFD are 4” Storz