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After The Fire

We would like to express sympathy for your loss due to fire. Here are some steps to take to help move forward.

Call your insurance agent as soon as possible. -A good insurance agency will handle most everything for you, including an investigation, gathering the fire report, and finding a place for you to stay.

Secure any valuables you can. Often times the Fire department will have a professional company secure the building as best they can.

If leaving the area, let your neighbors know so that they can provide contact info to insurance agents and investigators that may need to get ahold of you.

DO NOT Reconnect utilities. – Have a professional inspect and repair any damage so that utilities can be safely turned on when it is safe to do so.

Insurance companies will often times take inventory of what is on site as part of your claim. Try to limit what leaves the property so that it can be properly inventoried. Keep in mind all insurance companies are different, so make sure you ask your insurance agent what they recommend.

Document any transactions you have due to the fire such as a hotel room from being displaced by the fire. These expenses may be able to be reimbursed by your insurance company.