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Will a fire truck fit down your driveway?

In the event of a wildfire in your area, firefighters may need to reach your home.  If firefighters cannot safely access your home, they will find an alternative way to get to you that may take longer – and when fighting fire, every second counts.

Help firefighters reach you

To enable firefighters and other emergency vehicles to locate and reach your home quickly, it’s important to establish a safe route with adequate driveway access.

Here are a few steps to prepare your driveway for emergency access that could make all the difference in reducing damage to your property during a wildfire or other emergency event.

Position your address sign to be visible from the road from either direction.

Make your home visible from the road so firefighters can tell if it’s safe to enter.

Clear trees, branches or brush  from your driveway so it is at least 12 feet wide and that there is at least 13.5 feet of clearance to allow fire trucks access.

Be sure your driveway’s surface is firmly packed and is able to support the weight of emergency vehicles even in the spring when the ground is soft.

Check that your driveway is free of gates, fence posts or other obstructions that could restrict access.

Create a space at the end of your driveway with adequate room for an emergency vehicle to turn around once it reaches your home.