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Keep Fire Hydrants Clear of Snow

According to the city, a record 43 inches of snow has been recorded this winter in Saline.

As a result, fire hydrants are disappearing in snow piles created by plowers,snowblowers and shovelers.

That's a situation that worries Saline Fire Chief Craig Hoeft.

“The last thing we want to do if we arrive at a fire is to go looking for the fire hydrant,” Hoeft said.

When the Saline Area Fire Department arrives on the scene, firefighters drop hose at the hydrant and then proceed to the structure on fire. If the department can't immediately locate a hydrant because of snow cover, valuable minutes may be wasted.

Michigan Fire Marshal Richard Miller has urged local fire departments to assess and ensure accessibility to all fire hydrants and to urge communities to take responsibility for keeping snow away from hydrants.
Chief Hoeft is asking residents to shovel out and around hydrants. Residents who live near a snowed-in hydrant and who can't remove the snow can report it using thecity's See Click Fix app. According to Hoeft, once alerted, firefighters will be by to clear snow. Residents can also leave a message by phone at (734) 429-4440.